About us

We are dynamically developing
company from the TSL industry

On the market, we stand out with the complexity of the forwarding services offered and the flexibility to adapt to the needs of each client.

Our business is based on providing professional services in domestic and international freight forwarding by road, rail, sea and air transport neutral goods, cooling and dangerous (ADR), as well as logistics services. We offer forwarding groupage (LTL) and full truck shipments (FTL). The group of carriers cooperating with us and professional warehouse and logistics facilities supported by experienced employees are our tools to provide services of the highest quality.


Our mission is customer service at the highest level. We provide our partners with exactly what we expect.


We want to become the most beloved and trustworthy logistics company in Europe and maybe even in the world.

We support companies of all sizes and operating
in various industries.

Our services provide you with measurable benefits:

  • overall increase supply chain efficiency,
  • reduction of logistics costs.
  • focus on key business activities,
  • increased competitiveness,
  • access to modern technologies and know-how.


You need a transport price
from point A to point B?

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